What to expect. 

Your first consultation will take approximately 30-45 minutes. The goal of this initial visit is to determine the mechanism of injury or pain and form a comprehensive treatment plan that is specific to your personal needs.  The assessment starts with the doctor obtaining a detailed case history.  Next, a thorough exam of both the physical and neurological aspects of your case is performed. Utilizing orthopedic testing and palpation to help pin-point the location and cause of your discomfort.

This in-depth evaluation provides crucial information needed to make accurate diagnoses.  We do not perform x-rays within the office, however if x-rays are need the doctor will write a prescription for the patient.

We don't believe in seeing a high volume of patients, but spending quality time treating each individual’s needs.  For questions or more information, please call 814-205-4066.  We would love to hear from you!